There aren't many of us who can boast naturally gorgeous, trouble-free nails (myself included!!)​

so Cheltenham Gloss offers both permanent and semi-permanent solutions to carefully and responsibly encourage the growth of your own nails

Together, we'll discuss your lifestyle and personal nail goals to determine the best product for you and your nails.


When you need a little extra armour for your natural nails, Cheltenham Gloss offers both permanent and semi-permanent options.

Ideal if you have a job or lifestyle that requires you to wear naked nails.


Artistic Correction Gel is a crystal clear LED-cured soakable gel that can be worn on its own for a natural finish, or underneath your gel polish manicure for extra strength, while promoting healing and growth of the natural nail.

The majority of clients who wear ACG beneath their gel polish find they can go longer between appointments, saving money and visits to the salon.

Natural Finish £27.00

with Gel Polish from £31.00


Builder In A Bottle™, aka BIAB are a range of 100% gel builders which offer some INCREDIBLE benefits:


  • encourages natural nail growth with less chipping or breakages

  • beautiful nude shades which can be worn without gel polish

  • can be sculpted into short length enhancements, which can be infilled or soaked off

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free



Natural Finish £27.00

with Gel Polish from £31.00


IBX™ is the award-winning  strengthening treatment that penetrates the nail plate, providing permanent protection from within the nail plate.

Regular treatments will encourage natural nail growth and provide some amazing benefits, including:

  • Reduction of white spots on the nail surface.

  • Damaged areas sealed and repaired.​

  • Nail plate layers strengthened.​


Initial Treatment £22.00

Subsequent Treatments £19.00

with Gel Polish from £32.00

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