Don't you just hate it when - right before a manicure appointment - one of your nails gives up on you?

Never fear!  There's always a solution to save the day!

There's plenty in the Cheltenham Gloss box of tricks to make even the most sorry looking nail as beautiful as the rest.

A full consultation will be carried out to determine

the best saviour for you.


Like a little plaster, fibreglass fabric is applied over the damaged or split nail and secured with gel, to give you a smooth, strong nail that will look and feel like the other nine!

The fibreglass grows out with the your nail, keeping the split intact and is soaked off when no longer required.



Per nail £1.00


A broken nail, beyond repair, can be lengthened using hard gel or acrylic​.

Using either a tip, or a sculpting form, your new nail will look and feel like your natural nail and no one will know the difference!

The enhancement can be infilled at future appointments, until your natural nail reaches your designed length underneath.

Per nail £3.00

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