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Cheltenham Gloss works with Cuccio T3 Sculpting Gel and Naio Nails Acrylic to achieve beautiful enhancements.

Whether it's all ten, or just the odd broken nail in need of rescuing, each system offers a range of strength benefits suitable for all nail types.

A full consultation will be carried out at your appointment to determine which system will suit your natural nails best.




Cuccio's amazing T3 Hard Gel offers the strength and control of an acrylic without the odour.


Unlike many hard gels, the viscosity of T3 does not slump through application, allowing a full hand to be applied before curing, meaning a speedier service for the client.

For clients with good to brittle nails T3 offers incredible flexibility and strong adhesion​ to the natural nail, for long-lasting results and no lifting.


The Naio Nails acrylic system is an advanced adhesive monomer and polymer system, available in a whole range of skin tone enhancing shades, which can be custom-blended to suit you.

This advanced Liquid and Powder combination gives a beautiful application with perfect bubble-free clarity. 

For clients with good to soft nails Naio Nails Acrylic offers strong enhancements and perfect adhesion​ to the natural nail, for long-lasting results and no lifting.

Gel/Acrylic Nail Enhancements £40.00 (new set)

14-21 day Rebalance/Infill* £35.00

*includes three nail repairs

Infill appointments at 22+ days will be charged as a new set


Gel/Acrylic Emergency Nail Repair (between appointments)

£4.00 for first nail; £2.00 each subsequent nail.

Enhancements Removal £27.00